Woo Commerce Not Working?

I have set up my WooCommerce + Monday. Com API keys but when I go to add “when an order is created, create a new item and sync …” it gives me an error message of “couldn’t update automation”. What can I do?

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To be transparent with you, the Monday Apps & Developers section is dedicated for users that are using our API in a custom setup, or trying to use our Framework and Apps SDK to create a new integration or feature within the platform. The issue you are describing seems more like an issue with our native monday.com integration with WooCommerce, accessed through the UI. Is that correct?

If that’s the case, I would suggest reaching out to us at support@monday.com so we can troubleshoot this further. Some action steps I can recommend right off the bat are making sure your URL for the WooCommerce site is correct, making sure your WooCommerce version is 3.5.xx or higher, that you are an Admin of the WooCommerce account and the WordPress site, and trying to create the integration on Monday.com with the same email.

Here’s an example of how the URL should look like:


Instead of:

Sorry for the double work and I hope we can resolve the issue for you quickly over email if the steps above don’t help. :slight_smile: