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Trying to setup WooCommerce monday.com integration. I have 4 different WooCommerce store using a plugin called WooCommerce Multistore.

Currently I am able to pull data from our US store, but not the others.
I have setup the API integration for each store and have been able to add them to monday.com with no errors.

Has anyone else be able to solve this?


Hey @peter_wilson :wave:

My warmest welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, are you currently looking to use the monday.com built WooCommerce integration, available in our Integration center? If so, your best point of contact would be our support inbox - you can reach us at the following email address:


I would suggest providing the steps you are currently taking to set up the integration and the error you are experiencing in the process. In most cases, a screen recording is the best way to investigate the behavior and figure out what might be causing this for you - we’d recommend using loom.com to make the video and then send it over as a link.

So sorry for the double work this creates for you, but I do hope you will be able to find a solution for this with the help of our support team :slight_smile:


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