Workdoc use cases

How do some of you use Workdoc with clients? What are some other ways Workdoc is used? I am a solo operator. I was thinking of using it for general notes on each item or deal and have a second one to share status updates, documents, etc. with my clients.

Here are some ways that people use WorkDocs with clients:
1)To share files and collaborate on documents.
2)To keep track of project progress and status updates.

some other ways Workdoc is used are
1)To store and share internal documents.
2)To manage team projects and collaboration.
3)To create and manage customer documentation.

some ways that a solo operator can use WorkDocs with clients:
1)Create a folder for each client: This will help you to keep track of all of the relevant 2)documents and files for each client.
3)Share the folder with your client.
4)Use WorkDocs to collaborate on documents with your client.
5)Use WorkDocs to share status updates with your client
6)Use WorkDocs to provide your client with access to knowledge bases or other resources.

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