Workload - allow selection of which TEAM to display

Hi. The workload view is great, but shows everyone working on a our projects (in our case 100’s of people). The filter options filter which items/subitems are included in the data, but presenting a list of 100s of people does not help, and using the person to select each person is a real pain… can you alter the this to allow selection of teams, so if you select a team, anyone with data that is a member of that team is shown? This would make the workload REALLY USEFUL and should be an easy change!

Just realised, I should explain, due to the max 50 boards per dashboard limit, we are having to use a single board and each Item is a Project and Subitems are tasks on the projects. We have circa 300+ projects active, each with 50+ subitems. (We actual have 4 of these boards - Proposals, Projects, AdHoc & Vacations, and we then have our dashboard pulling the data from these 4 tables, so we can see a more accurate reflection of the work across the whole team, which is great, but ideally we need to break this down to “team” views, so where the PEOPLE selection is, if there could be a TEAM selection and it filter the displayed list to ONLY show those who are memebrs of the selected teams(s) this would be REALLY useful.