Workload view: Remove coloured bubble and other improvements

Our company uses the workload view to easily show what employee is doing what task. Typically they are only attached to 1 task per day. The resource bubbles aren’t really of much use to us because either an employee is on a project or they’re not.

The above image shows the difference between all rows collapsed or expanded.
What’s far more useful is the yellow bar of information that appears when you expand the row, the bubbles just get in the way and take up far to much space.
I’d like the ability to remove the bubbles entirely or even just to be able to make them smaller.

Also while I’m here:

  1. Being able to colour code the yellow bar (see image above) to a status column of my choice would be very useful.
  2. Being able to choose the order that listed employees display as - or even drag/drop employees so i can change the order they appear down the left hand side when i need to.
  3. Being able to choose a subset of employees i want to appear on the left hand people column.
  4. Be able to show item level and sub-item level information on the same workload view.
  5. Be able to set a daily capacity instead of a weekly capacity.
  6. Change the colour of the bubbles so that weekends don’t automatically show as red.
  7. Be able to select more than one column when choosing resource type.
  8. Make the rows narrower so that i can see more on a single page.
  9. You can drag an item through time so that by moving it, it changes the date on the connected board. I’d like to be able to drag the connected item to a different person so that the connected item then gets it’s people column changed in the connected board.