Workload - visualize time in customizable increments (by sprint)

The ability to visualize time in customizable increments (i.e. 2-week sprints, where we indicate the start and end dates) instead of being limited to the preset day/week/month views would be great. The current widget cannot be used if sprints begin/end mid-week and story points are assigned based on each team member’s capacity for a full sprint.

Similarly, the functionality to edit capacity per person is just what we need! Unfortunately, this also doesn’t work in the scenario above, where two-week sprints begin mid-week.

For these reasons, the workload widget is not usable for my team. Instead, we are relying on bar charts and inelegant workarounds. Please consider expanding the workload widget functionality.

Hi @SFLady if add-on is an option here, you can take a look at the Screenful Dashboards add-on which includes a sprint burndown chart

You can set start and end dates freely and you can use any of the board columns for setting story points. You can learn more by reading the announcement post

Thanks @sl1nna, that looks like a great solution. Unfortunately add-ons are not an option at my organization, but this could probably solve the issue for others.