Workload widget performance

Hi everybody, we are experiencing several issues that i want to share with all, because i have already chequed and tried differente internet connections and some other problems than could be the issue´s cause, but not reaching the cause.-

We start creating a new dashboard linking to 6 boards with a total of 980, 427, 494, 128, 83 and 45 pulses each one, so we have a total of 2157 records. Till here everything ok.

When we select dashboards widget “workload”, the internet browser performance slows too much (chrome, firefox). There is a freeze time till the widget is draw in the left pane, while configuring the dashboard on the right panel. Time between clicking and having response by example selecting/unselecting a board or a group exceed 30 seconds.

When we have already configured the widget, and go to the normal visualization mode (exiting setup), the general performance of the browser slows down again (lag) and is nearly impossible to navigate trough the widget (going down, up, left, right).

So, the request is to improve this widget speed to make it faster (there was only 2000 of total pulses in this six boards) and it was impossible to use.

What we try as workaround:

  1. Duplicate the boards/items, so we can test deleting some old pulses and try the same (we reduce it to 1000 pulses) with the same resultados - DOENST WORK
  3. We try the same with the table widget and seems to work fine. So its something with the workload widget himself.
  4. The last thing i do, and its working (but its not what should be): is to making ONE workload widget PER board, so in a dasboard with 6 connected board, i have to set up 6 individual widgets everyone with his own board.

So in my opinion, the workload widget lack his performance when you need to work with many linked boards with many data on it.

One similar issue occurs with the timeline widget, but its worst, because i had to delete to widget because it was not loading everytime i click on open it.

In the timeline we had connected 5 boards with a total of 3000 pulses between them. This boards have many dates columns for calculations and auxiliar automations.

So, when you go to the widget setup, the timeline attemp to draw EVERY date on each board (everydate on every board we select its checked by default to show), and this makes the browser no to respond again till you close it.

In this case (timeline widget), the feature request its the make the widget to not show every date as checked to show, if not give the chance to the user to select which will be shown in the timeline.

Please if you show this to the right person in Monday Staff, im avaliable to make test on my end, in order to make this work well.