Workoad management

I’m trying to build an automation wherein the tasks get auto assigned to defined team members in case the owner’s workload exceed the the permissible amount.

I have a hierarchy for the team members. Each task in the board has specified number of planned effort. If Person A1 gets overloaded (say his assigned work exceeds the 5- hour mark specified in the workload view), I want the last task assigned to him to be auto-assigned to Person A2, if A2 is already at capacity, I want it to go to A3 and so on.

  1. Is it possible to do it using the given functionality?
  2. If not, can I code this in some other platform and have it run in


Hey there!

While this might not be the exact workflow you’re looking for, I came up with a sample automation recipe below to achieve what you’re talking about:

In this case, whenever an item is created and assigned to someone, it will get re-assigned to someone else if the Numbers Column value is greater than x number. X number here would be the maximum number of hours or days that person can work, or however else you define capacity.

Since this doesn’t use the workload tool to define capacity, you’d have to manually set a capacity in the item’s Number’s Column.

Let us know what you think and if this could work for your team!

Hi Charlotte,
Your solution doesn’t solve my problem. Person A already has task1,2,3 assigned to him. I am mapping the effort required (numeric hours) in a numbers column. Is there a way for to pick up his total workload as a sum of those numbers and then auto-assign the new task to someone else or give me warning about his capacity if I try to over-book him for a task? I know that in the workload view, it can sum it up and show the circle as red.