Workspaces open for Beta

UPDATE: Workspaces have been fully released to all paid accounts! The form below is no longer active :slight_smile:

Beta Workspaces are finally out! :boom:

We’re excited to let you know that Workspaces are finally out in beta for all tiers!

Workspaces provide a hierarchy of organization, helping your account better manage multiple departments and projects in one place.

We’d love to have you try it out yourselves, and let us know if you have any feedback at all!
If you’re interested in adding this beta feature to your account, please fill out this form.

To learn more about Workspaces, check this out.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :dizzy:


Awesome, definitely looking forward to trying this out. :+1:
We have a lot of boards, for all kinds of purposes (thanks to the flexibility and many features), and having just a one-level folder structure is hitting limits quickly that way.


This is great news! Our left panel is crowded and confusing for our users. Looking forwarded to cleaning it up with this feature!


This is great. I checked out the articles about Workspaces including the Advanced Workspaces Permissions article. However, it looks like most of the admin control/restrictions fall within the Enterprise Plan. Our company is on the Pro version and I couldn’t see what admin control/restrictions were available with this plan. Is there another support article that has this information?

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Why are you guys not using the monday.labs feature within the application anymore for beta features like this one?

Also why aren’t these announcements being made in the What’s new section within the application anymore?

Can you guys please consolidate your process? Announcements and access to beta features have become unpredictable and a manual process of requesting activation. Was super excited to activate workspaces in monday.labs, but now I have no idea when my account will be enabled for testing :frowning:


Hi @Danielle, thanks for the update!

Is there any way to disable this new feature?

Via monday.labs would be the best way in my opinion :wink:


Agreed. It’s too disjointed. There’s no reliable single source for Monday updates on new features anymore. Have to continually check everywhere: Community forums, In-app What’s New, Facebook.

I’ve completed the form to have this enabled on our account. I assume it will appear in Monday Labs for us to enable?


I’m not sure where to leave feedback on the new feature while testing (do let me know, if you can).

Although this extra hierarchy level is very useful, that seems to be all there’s to it I guess?
On initial use, I noticed a few little issues so far:

  • I cannot re-order the workspaces. They order themselves very arbitrarily, it seems, and I cannot change it.
  • I’d like to change the color of that icon in front of each workspace name, but again could not find a way to do that. This is very unimportant, though.
  • Why can we not rename the “Main” workspace? It may really clash with people’s desired purpose of Workspaces (e.g. you recommend using it for teams, but there’s not “Main” team usually).
  • More of a question: Is it planned to allow people to subscribe or add people to workspaces? At the moment, I really can’t see any other use for Workspaces than as another layer of folders.

I’m really glad this panel is getting attention, so very grateful! Just want to mention a few initial impressions.


Hi Krishele,

Indeed you are correct. Currently, all permissions and controls are only on the Enterprise version of Workspaces. The article linked in the post explains what functionality the Workspaces for all tiers include:

Would you be able to elaborate on what restrictions you would have liked to see on your plan? We’d love to understand this better!

Hi Paolo,

There is no way to disable this feature once enabled.
Would you mind sharing why you’d like to disable it? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hi @Jaewoo @JohnW
Thanks for this feedback which our team will definitely take into consideration!
We really appreciate this and would like to make this as simple as possible for our users to be informed and try out all our new features.

Workspaces should be activated on your account by the end of today. No need to activate it in labs, it will be automatic :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


I think in the most basic sense we’d be after who has the ability to create workspaces or not. IMO it should default to Admins only. If you give the ability to every user to create workspaces it could get even more cluttered by each person making their own workspace for the same teams. It defeats the whole idea of a cleaner left-pane structure.


Hello @JessCohen i have done with submitting form. This Will be avaliable tomorrow?

@Danielle me like @hlopezvc also completed the form! very excited :smiley:

I see workspaces in my account. Thank you for enabling it within 24 hours.

To everyone else who doesn’t have this feature enabled yet… Workspaces in its current state just simply acts as a folder and nothing more. Clicking on the name simply hides/shows the boards under that workspace, just like how folders work. The name of the feature is a bit deceiving imo :frowning:

What I thought workspaces would do:

  • Be a main, private, or shareable workspace so that you can invite people at the workspace level vs per board level.
  • Replace the separate dashboards section. Instead clicking on workspace would now show you the dashboard widgets, and the information for those widgets will be configured to display the boards under that workspace, with option to enable/disable the boards and fields you want.

@JessCohen - I am happy to see @Jaewoo wrote this. Workspaces are very disappointing. The fact that administrative control is limited to enterprise users is quite shocking. Businesses of all size can benefit from this great feature.


@JessCohen - Hi. I have a bug report.

I just got Workspaces enabled. When I created a new folder inside the Main Workspace (please add rename option), I can’t delete the folder anymore, because it’s giving me “Only the creator of the folder can delete it” error.
But I’m Admin and I clearly created the folder, and it’s empty.
Apparently I can’t delete folders in any of the Workspaces.
Whatever the reason, could really use a fix there.

There is a workaround - Create a new workspace, move all folders you wish to delete there, and delete the workspace.

This is one feature i really was waiting to arrive. Cant wait to try it out!

Thanks for letting us know about this and sorry for the inconvenience!
Can you forward this to with your account details so we can look into it further?