Xero Integration

I know it’s not possible yet and one can build an integration with intergromat/Zapier, but I would love it if this integration were possible, it would save my projects team so much time and effort.

I am currently using integromat to pull my invoices through but I would actually like to pull them through from the quote phase and then work it through to then invoicing, I also prefer Monday dashboards to Xero’s reports as I can create them to be motivational to the team.

Please consider this.

Super exciting news for you, here at JT’s Cloud we have built this app integration.
We would love to show you the how this works and what updates will be released shortly which will benefit your current workflow.

Please complete the below form to show your interest in this application:
Xero Integration Enquiry Form

Also you can get a demo of the app by booking a time via the below link:
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Look forward to showing you and being able to help implement this for you!