XERO Project and Monday.com intergration

My team and I use Monday.com regularly for our daily operation in addition to Xero for our accounting. However the issue is we also use Xero Project in order to generate our quotes as well as project tasks tracking so that we can plan our project in a profitable manner.

However the issue is there are no way to connect Xero Project with Monday.com as non of the third party solution (Zapier or Integromat) are capable off. This end up forcing our team to use Xero Project as a reference for our project then break in down in Monday.com to track only to have to use Xero Project again to track the time.

This leave a lot of space for error as employee are force to track their time double (one using the time tracking function on Monday.com and another on Xero project so we can track our cost).

It would me amazing if the time track can be sync across similar to Trello power up board. We like Monday.com work OS space but this does create a challenge for our admin work.

Hi Dangq

We have a similar problem whereby time tracked in Monday needs to be assigned to jobs in WorkflowMax (now basically Xero). We created an integration and utilised Azure functions to integrate between the two apis enabling creation of jobs, assigning time, etc. in the WFM(Xero) side of the world.

Can run through how we implemented if any use to you.

Hi alan.every

Thank for your insight. Unfortunately, currently we don’t have an in house developer team that capable of building custom APIs integration solution. However I would still love to know how you guys implemented your solution so our team can have a reference to what direction we can take. :smile: