Your first step with - marketing teams (we need your help!)

Hey everyone,

I’m Itamar from’s marketing department. I’m doing some research on our community and I was hoping to hear from you about your first steps with

Specifically, I like to know who was the first person in your company to suggest that may be useful to you and what was their role in the company? (manager? team leader? just an employee?)

Thanks in advance!

Found it by myself via google. Did suggest it to my team as a system administrator.

I Followed back when it was dapulse. With the re-branding and some time with the trial, found it to be the most relevant solution for our digital agency. I’m the CTO.


There’s an ongoing fued in our office on who the “first” person was :rofl:
Our Business Development Director found it and suggested it to our IT/Web Developer who presented the idea.

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Our student employee actually saw it in a Facebook ad and referred me, his manager, to it. We had been starting to use a different system our team didn’t like and we are now implementing monday.

Not sure if you’re still looking for info. For us we had been researching CRMs for months for our startup. All the while we were being inundated with ads on YouTube for

We found Copper (which we really dig overall) but, while it is great at managing projects in the sales process it really lacks the ability to manage projects in the way we needed.

All that backstory to say that we were in a training course from The Futur ( and apparently Blind uses Training included a brief walkthrough of how they use it.

That was the final straw for us to finally give it a try and…holy hell this is almost exactly what we needed.

So yeah, Ben Burns and Matt Encina from Blind & The Futur are the gateway with some help from the blitzkrieg of advertising you do on YouTube.