Your Monday Milestones

It’s a thrill once you get the whole team working on projects in Monday, and it got me thinking- what are your Monday milestones where you went from “the clutter is killing me” to " Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!"? :smiling_imp:

For us, it would have to be:

  • Completing our giant workflow for the first time. We now have several hundred pulses living peacefully together that everyone in our business, from contractors to sales agents to leasing agents use and update.
  • Getting our rehab tracking solutions working with Monday Forms. We now have forms tied to automations that save us a LOT of running around. Some of these even create documents for us automatically… we’ve never had a customer complain about MORE documentation when they buy from us, either!
  • Taking all our mindmaps, loose scraps of paper, midnight-emails and texts and making a HOME for everything marketing in Monday, all on one board. We had a shocking amount of initiatives that until recently, were just things we talked about… now, they’re getting done one at a time!
  • When our partners started asking for boards for themselves to organize their own processes. Our team did a happy dance when we got THAT news!

What are the big moments when Monday clicked for you and your team?


@kolinhayes, must have been a GREAT feeling when the partners started asking for boards of their own. Company-wide user adoption is always the hardest part. Good for you.

For us, MDC ( started to shine when redirected our website notifications to create new pulses on shared boards (the websites got their own emails and became guest users on these boards), so whenever a user created an account, subscribed to a membership, unsubscribed, had a billing issue, etc, instead of ending up in the admin’s inbox, it became public for our support team to handle.