Zapier Automation Help

I’m hoping for some help with setting up an automation on Monday via Zapier. What I’m trying to achieve seems quite simple but I’m yet to have any success.

I have a leave tracker board and an employee directory board.

When an employee completes a form for leave request they enter their name and leave dates.

What I want to happen is when a new item is created the employee name is looked up in the employee directory to seem which person/user is associated with this name.

I then want the user/person in the leave tracker to be automatically updated to match whats in the Employee Directory board.

I hope that makes sense…

Thanks in advance.

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I am not an expert on Zapier, but I believe you can achieve what you want to achieve with a flow like this one:

In the first step, your Zap would be listening to the creation of items in the board in which items are created when someone submits a monday Workform.

Then on the second step you can use Get Item by Column Value to get the item ID of the item that has the same name as the one in step 1 (you can use the column value of the name of the person from the created item from step one, in step 2, to look for the item in the other board that has the same name). Step 2 will give you an item ID.

Then on step 3, you can use that item ID to then modify the value of that item in the other board. You can use the dates you get in step 1 as a value to update the item in the other board.

I hope that helps!


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