Zapier Integration Phone Error

I am having troubles connecting my Google Sheets info into Zapier and then to Monday.
This is the error I am receiving:
Invalid value for {“phone”=>“”, “countryShortName”=>“2679689643”} on PhoneColumn. invalid value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column. Guide to Changing Column Values

Can someone help me figure out what I am doing wrong and how to get my info into Monday.

Hello there @RachaelF and welcome to the community!

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It looks to me like you might be passing the phone number as a country name instead of the number.

The correct syntax would be either something like this:
value: "+19175998722 US"

Or something like this: {\"phone\" : \"+12025550169\", \"countryShortName\" : \"US\"}

I do not have much experience with Zapier, but you can see in the error message that “phone” is empty (it says phone => “”) and that the number is being passed as the countryShortName, which should be something like “US”.

Hope that helps!


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