Zapier + Monday, updating a hyperlink field

I want to be able to update a hyperlink column via zapier. There currently isn’t an option - are there any work around that anyone is aware of?

Hi @CCWT! We have that kind of integration in our Monday. What zapier does for us is that everytime a new item is created in a specific board a text column of that item is automatically updated with the sharelink of a dropbox folder.
The process is something like this:

-When a new item is created
-Create a Dropbox Folder (Named after that item + something more)
-Update a Column (of the new item created) with a sharelink (of the folder created)

We are updating a text column and using it as a Link because i think at this time you cannot edit a “link” column with Zapier but is okay for us.

If you need to link an specific item that has already been created i recommend you trying to think the process and the structure of the board in a way you can easily use the “Column ID” column for Zapier to find the specific item you need to update. Hope this ideas help you

Thanks V.BMusic. I’m going to go with this solution. The only downside is that when you use the Monday app on a phone or tablet, when you click on a link as a text column, it won’t just go to the URL like it would in a link column.
That’s okay though - I think we just move away from using Monday in apps anyway.