Zapier query actions

As far as I can tell there is only 1 query action available in Zapier, and that is to ‘get column values’.
Since it is not possible to assign a user by email address (see feature request), I first have to get all users and filter by email address.
I could use a POST action in Zapier to get the users a filters/formatters to get the user ID to use with the ‘update item people column value’ action, but that defeats the point of using Zapier which is to enable our users to build integrations with without a dependency on the developers.


I was going to suggest checking out Integromat instead of Zapier, until I got to your last sentence. Integromat is quite a bit “geekier” than Zapier, unfortunately. But it does have a much deeper integration with

I’ve never used Integromat. I have heard that it requires a more technically-minded user which is why I haven’t looked into it and it sounds like you agree with that assessment. Basically, we want our project managers to build forms in a 3rd party platform then use Zapier to map the results to their boards without requiring IT or developer assistance (we’ll likely have an approval process so it gets checked by a tech first, but on the whole, it should be possible for the project managers to build it without technical assistance).

We can’t use form views because they don’t give anywhere near the level of functionality we need (conditional logic, branching, calculated fields, multiple simultaneous items etc.)


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