Zapier/Shopify/Shipstation Integrations!

Before, we used to use Zapier to import our Shopify orders into Google Sheets (as individual rows). Then we used Zapier to lookup that order number (row) to update the tracking column when an order is marked as shipped from Shipstation.

Recently, we made the switch over from Google Sheets to to try out some of the new features that Sheets couldn’t do. Only problem is, the integration/features on Zapier is sooooo limited!! :sob:

Our current (and HUGE) pain point is the lack of Monday integration features on Zapier. As of right now, we have to create a new Zapier “action/task” for each column that we want to populate on our Monday pulse. This can quickly use up at least 9 “actions/tasks” to add just one new order/pulse! I’ve quickly maxed out my Zapier tasks because of this.


As opposed to my Sheets integration, which only required 4 tasks per new order/row.


Second, being able to “lookup” a pulse (on Zapier) would be useful to find an existing pulse, so we can update the status of a particular column. For example, I would use Zapier to lookup a pulse, then update the tracking number once the item is marked shipped from Shipstation.


Third, please update the status column feature on Zapier! Right now, I can only update my status columns by number values (ex: 1, 2, 3, etc.) I have no idea what color represents what number, so I haven’t been able to use this feature! It would be helpful to see my own custom statuses instead (Need Label, Packed, Shipped, etc).

I’ve been anxious to know if anybody else agrees with me on this and if is already working on a solution to this!! I would love to have more capabilities between my three favorite apps!!

Thanks, guys! :bowing_woman:t3:

Hey @Thao.SFE,

Before we tackle the things which are missing for you to manage your flow from Shopify to, have you checked out the internal integration with Shopify? I think this will solve exactly what you’re doing right now but from inside your account. You can read more about the integration here..

Regarding the Shipstation piece of the flow, can you tell me more about how the different platforms interact? We don’t have an internal integration right now with Shipstation but we are going to be adding more capabilities through Zapier after our API V2 is out in the upcoming weeks, although I don’t have an ETA for those additions just yet. Have you checked out integrating through Integromat? I’m not sure there are templates with Shipstation and monday available but you can build your own connection from scratch. This article will help you get started with Integromat and I think you’ll find more options available in terms of looking up and updating a particular pulse.

Finally about the status colour numbers, one of our CSMs posted about that in this topic :slight_smile: hope that helps!

Yes, I’ve seen the Shopify integration within the board. However, it is very limited as to what information we can pull from our Shopify orders. For example, you guys only allow for us to bring in “Currency, Email, Order Number, Subtotal Price, Total Discounts, Total Price, Total Tax, or User ID”. I would only be able to use two of those (email & order number). I still need to know the SKU & QTY from that Shopify order. If you guys can allow us to bring in virtually any data from a Shopify order, then this would help us tremendously.

Once a shipping label is made for an order, I’d need to use Zapier to pull the tracking number from Shipstation to lookup, then update the matching pulse on Integromat doesn’t have what we would need to use between these three apps.

Hopefully that makes sense. Thank you!

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Better Zapier integrations are the #1 thing I’ve wanted for months from Monday.

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It’s possible to use both Google Sheets and Monday to “create” a lookup function for Monday in Zapier.

You can have a Google Sheet that stays synced with your monday board via Zapier. You have the Zap update the Sheet with the same information as Monday, but also the pulse ID from monday.

Then you can use the lookup function in Sheets on Zapier to search. Since you’ve added the pulse ID you can now automate other parts of Monday by using the pulse ID as a dynamic value from the Sheet.

I couldn’t agree more though. Monday desperately needs native search via Zapier. I think it’s probably their biggest gap in functionality.

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Thanks for the great idea! I would definitely consider it, but I just left Sheets and your solution would put me back to where I started before Monday. I’d be using more zaps & tasks to do what I could have done on Sheets alone. :sob:

I’ve seen them working on “New API capabilities” on their Roadmap, but it doesn’t mention any details about Zapier integrations!

Hopefully this is the update that we’ve all been waiting for, because I can’t wait any longer! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I’d be very disappointed if their new API did not include a Zapier update.

I would be disappointed as well, especially if I had to wait as long as you did. :see_no_evil:

I’m surprised Monday hasn’t prioritized Zapier yet. The possibilities would be almost limitless with just this integration alone. :wink:

I’ve already looked everywhere, but I haven’t seen a clear answer or timeline if this update is ever coming. We hate to do it, but we may have to start looking into some alternatives in the meantime.

I know Airtable and Asana already offers the basic “Find or Create” tasks. :relieved:

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