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We are Pygmy Elephant Travel, a company based in the US with a branch in Germany that sells high-mountain hiking itineraries around the globe. We are already Monday users but we’re looking for a consultancy to improve our processes inside the application.

Thank you!

Hi @Cobawsky! Welcome to the monday.com community!

I’ve helped many small and medium size businesses with optimizing monday.com and integrating with other internal systems (quickbooks, timetrackers, shopify, etc…)

I would love to sit down with you to discuss your specific needs and see if we are a good fit to work together.
Feel free to schedule a free consult at this link: Calendly - Tim Little


Hi @Cobawsky !

If you are still looking for help, I’d be happy to meet with you and see if our team might be able to assist you.

A bit about us, our team has specialized in Monday.com for three years now, and we love the software! Our team consists of Monday.com experts, project managers, and a developer/Zapier expert, so you will never have to wait for answers. We provide an all-in-one system, where we dream up and implement the processes you need with ease and provide ongoing support.

We offer a complimentary 1-hour initial meeting to review your current setup, and I can show you options going forward. You can book a session through this link(Calendly - Lauren Bemister )

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kick Consulting
(https://www.kickconsulting.com.au/ )

Hi if you’re still avail for projects, we have a few boards we need set up. Please Email Albert@RivieraTowel.com if you’re free. Thanks Albert

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I’d like to find a partner willing to help a small yet growing agency with automations and better workflows. Thank you!


Hello @brightandearly09 ,

Luca from Omnidea here, monday.com Gold partner.
We’re one of the oldest monday.com partners, and we have tons of experience in workflows and automations.

Feel free to contact us for any need. We’ll be happy to help you!


Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there @brightandearly09,

Welcome to the monday.com community! Growing a business while incorporating monday.com can be a pretty hefty task. Our team at CarbonWeb has been working with teams of varying sizes to try and achieve their ideal workflows.

If you’d like to schedule a free consultation I would be interested to learn more about your goals with the platform: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales
Carbon Web Print, LLC
Schedule Consultation | Website
Phone: 440-462-7743 | Email : ricky@carbonweb.co

Hi @brightandearly09

Welcome to monday and the monday community!
I’m Bianca, have been working with monday for over 3 years now, specialising in helping organisations get set up and maximising automation, and through that, efficiency with monday.

Feel free to book into a complimentary consult with me : Talk to Bianca about monday
or send me an email at biancajclement@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you

We would love to talk with you about monday.com! If you’d like to set up a 1-hour consult intro call, you can email me at monday@iointegration.com and/or visit https://www.iointegration.com/io/monday-partner-services

Hope to hear from you!
Jenna (jenna.mackillop@iointegration.com)
Customer Success Manager

Hey Jack
I’m CEO for a small charity and need some front end guidance setting up Monday.com for our team. Can you help?

Hey @taniap

Welcome to the community, we’d be glad to assist. Thank you for reaching out.

Connect for a quick chat with Tyson in our team here.

Look forward to seeing how we can help!


Hey Jack
I would love to chat to you about getting some help with setting up Monday.com for my charity. We are based in NZ

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Hi @GenM94

Welcome to the community, we’d be glad to assist. Thank you for reaching out.

Connect for a quick chat with Tyson in our team here.

Look forward to seeing how we can help!


Hi Jack, Can you help us with setting up our CRM using monday.com? Thanks, David

Hi David

Welcome to the community, we’d be glad to assist. Thank you for reaching out.

Connect for a quick chat with Alex in our team here.

We look forward to seeing how we can help with your CRM in monday!


Good Morning - Sorry for the rush… I have a presentation later today to pitch Monday to our stakeholders - I would love to get some help setting up a demo to show how we can use Monday over some of the tools on the market today… We have a few requirements and I would love to find someone to help me setup a demo that I can show our team later today… Anyone able to assist, it will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @JSDixon - Send me a direct email at deb@polishedgeek.com and I’ll be happy to see if we can help provide you something for your demo!

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
Certified monday․com Partner
CEO & Principal Consultant, Polished Geek

Book a Consultation with a monday․com expert: https://meet.polishedgeek.com/more-with-monday

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Hey @JSDixon - I sent you a DM with some content you can use.

Let me know if you have any questions.

This is very awesome! Thank you for sharing the video… I have shared it with my team that is review Monday.com. This is very helpful. :slight_smile:

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My pleasure @JSDixon - let me know if you need anything else.