Consultation Option with expert to create a tailored plan for workflow structure

The options for Monday are;
individual, basic, standard, pro, enterprise.

Monday is so vast with infinite possibilities it can be overwhelming to the first 4 options. over the past year i have learnt, evolved and expanded how we use, however I feel a lot of time could have been saved with a one off consultation with an expert for a one off fee add on.

In this consultation a company would discuss the desires and outcomes the company wants from using and the expert would discuss and suggest the options available, integrations, connections and create a structured plan for the company together. The company would then use this, go away and build the infrastructure (folders, board, files etc) themselves. The consultation would be time limited to 1-2 hours.

Hi There!

We do exactly that at AXANEXA and offer a free discovery session to ensure you are set up for success to automate anything!

Check our website out and submit a request for a free consult to determine how we can help you set up your dream business hub!

Hope to hear from you!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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