& Chat GPT

As organizations are starting to look into how they can use Chat GPT, I would like to suggest that explores how to add this as a future features/integrations.

yes, I would love to see AI project management tasks built out based on information on the board or similar templates

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Ignoring Chat GPT might be a big mistake as this technology based tool has a booming future ahead on the behalf of minimizing the work load on human.

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As a long term HubSpot user, I switched to Monday four years ago when I started a new small business, mainly because of pricing considerations. However, having now seen the release of HubSpot’s new capabilities based on OpenAI’s API, I believe many/most of my use cases for will be obselete very soon. Will be looking at a switch back to HubSpot within the next 3-6 months if doesn’t keep up with this tech and use the APIs too.

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Ok so obviously suggesting and creating automations, merging or creating columns, asking for analysis on trends over time right off the gate

next level stuff is suggesting connect boards columns, creating dashboards, suggesting integrations, commenting on items, tagging people about tasks , suggesting views and filters based on usage

above that is suggesting new boards, predicting what sort of tasks are being made off the platform and integrating them, and overall suggesting new ways of handling tasks, or even providing expertise on the tasks at hand.

yea would love to see this. If anyone here wants to collborate on a project like this, that would be great.