Google Tasks (G Suite) Integration

I am requesting a native integration with Google Tasks and

Problem: is not reliable on all devices, platforms, etc. Our users are always at a loss for what to do next. Task systems in other problems have native syncing with Google Tasks, but not is continuously evolving and will one day truly become the hub of the software we use. A Zapier connection is possible but requires setup, training, and room for technical errors.

Solution: Provide a native Google Tasks and integration to serve as the hub to see what is due in other programs and easily. I view this as a temporary fix as Monday builds solutions for users to forgo other applications (i.e., our CRM). We could argue this functionality as a long term solution with Google Tasks easy-to-understand functionality.

We operate on G Suite. Our team loves the reliability, simplicity, and accessibility of Google Tasks. It’s integration with Google Calendar, and our CRM is great. Google Tasks does not have advanced features nor collaboration. We use for all projects that do not require our CRM.

We see a significant benefit if Tasks assigned in are visible in Google Tasks and vice-a-versa.