Google Sheets Integration - Sync Data Automatically

I know this could be done with a third-party app like Zapier but it would be great to have the integration built directly into

We use both and Google Sheets for project management and administration. The main reason would be the limitations have when it comes to complex formulas and calculations so we use Google Sheets for those. A simple integration that let’s you sync data both ways from Google sheets to and keeps everything updated would be a great feature to have.

Hi, I agree. We have the same situation, and the need to have a better way to sync Google Sheets and Monday boards is a huge dependency for us at the moment. We are running a massive amount of zaps to do the sync automations.

I am the co-founder of StackIt ( We are building a plugin to get data from Monday CRM to Google Sheets. We are working with our first 10 customers to do a POC and would love to work with you. 1. We can import the board into Google Sheets in the format you want.
2. This sheet can also be updated with a set frequency (Everyday, Every hour) without manual effort.
We don’t store any data. We just want feedback from our initial customers. If this sounds interesting to you, I would love to get in touch with you and discuss the possibilities.