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Why can’t we synchronize Google contacts on Monday? Also, when we register a new customer on our phone, we have to take the same steps on Monday too. Whenever we want to call a customer, we have to open the Monday app and make the call. But I want to make my call through my default calling app and be registered on the Monday app. What do you think, guys? Maybe I couldn’t find the solutions, and if so, I’m sorry for that.

Feature request: ability to sync contacts two ways with a Monday board being used for CRM/contact records. Ideally this would work similar to the Hubspot Contacts integration where you can map columns to corresponding Google Contacts fields. As Monday powers up CRM functionality, this should be a high priority since it’s table stakes with most CRMs.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been a feature request on the community before (though there are some Q&A threads about it). Plz vote & add any links to threads that should be merged in, folks!


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Only five votes for this? I can’t believe it. It is hands down in top 5 features of a CRM.

11 votes… seriously. One would think that such basic functionality would be there from the start.

I think this is a fundamental feature

Unbelievable how this feature is not implemented yet…

Yes, would love to have this feature implemented!

CompanionLink has launched added two-way contact sync from any monday board to Google Contacts. Check it out here.


Still no solution on this topic?

Hey @Makturk - would you be able to elaborate further on your second point here? From my understanding you’d essentially like to sync calls/contact management from your device system directly into monday, is this correct? Can you confirm what your default calling app is?

If Monday led the way in creating and supporting a 2 way sync between apple contacts or google contacts, it would be a game changer for independent sales professionals in a multitude of professions. I’ve been looking this over and quite frankly it is not super complex to execute and in fact I’ve mapped it out, created the specifications, and gotten quotes from various developers but the cost to create this is to great for any one individual unfortunately.

@BiancaT is there any way to open a dialogue about this?

Hi all,

I am with zzBots! I think we have a good solution! With zzBots you can easily sync data from Google Contacts and Both 1-Way and 2-Way Realtime syncs.

You can check this Bot Pack out here:

And to top it off, there is also a FREE plan!

Google Contacts and contact syncing in general is the bane of my existence!
I have a strong argument as to why should be connected to Google Contacts and other Google apps like Google Calendar and Drive. It will take a bit of explain as to why I think this but stick with me.

Since all “contact” applications (Google Contacts, Apple Contacts, Microsoft Contacts, etc) have different fields and different naming conventions it makes it very difficult to “sync contacts” across multiple applications. In addition to general contact applications like Google Contacts there are also “native” phone contact applications. When I say “native” phone contact applications I am referring to different phone manufacturers like Apple, Android, Samsung, etc. having their own “Contacts” application that is saving contacts directly onto the phone’s operating system but not necessarily syncing with other contacts.

I think most phones have the capability of adding multiple “Accounts” (ie. Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) When I am referring to “Accounts” I am talking about any software platform that generally has services or applications for email, contact storage, calendars, and notes.

I know on an iPhone you can control what syncs and what doesn’t sync into the phone’s native operating system. For example, on an iphone you can go under Settings>Contacts>Accounts and see all your currently connected Accounts and add new Accounts. When you click on the different Account names you can use the toggles to turn off syncing between the Account you have connected and Apple’s native apps. I am not sure if all phone manufacturers have this feature but it seems to be a fairly common one.

I think Google accounts have the most connectivity. Meaning that even if you have an iphone, android, or other type of phone you can almost always connect a Google Account and set syncing preferences. Since Google has done most of the leg work in trying to be able to connect to multiple phone operating systems it makes the most sense for to connect with Google Contacts and other Google apps because then could be connected to different phone operating systems via the Google Account link.

In conclusion, if were to sync with Google Contacts then it would be easy to sync contacts across most mobile devices. The path would be a two-way sync but generally the flow is as follows.

Google Contacts > contacts > phone connected to Google Account via phone’s native “account” syncing capabilities > phone’s native contacts app > phone’s native calling app.

Hope that makes sense and helps clear things up so we can get this feature on the roadmap!