Need help syncing my Gmail contacts with my contacts

Hey Monday community

I’ve searched high and low and can’t seem to find an answer on this…

The goal I want to accomplish is to pull all my contacts directly from gmail so I can begin categorizing and organizing them on my board.

I’ve found I can import them with a CSV, but then I have to go into gmail first and organize them 1 by 1 there before I export a list from gmail for import into Monday.

I’ve used other CRMs that just connect to gmail and pull all list of all contacts by recent/most contacted and allow you to start dragging them around and organizing them

I really wish I can find the path to bring them all in quickly!

Thank you

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The CRMail app by monday․com is being actively developed and I’ve heard this may be on the roadmap. Perhaps @Ronk can weigh in with more info?

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I seriously cannot believe this is not a thing.

Even Cloze (an inferior CRM) does this.

How can we quickly bring contacts from gmail into Monday???

Baffling to say the least…

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How can we reliably get the NAME field from the google contacts export? It seems to be rather difficult

The rest is easy

Right now it just imports the EMAIL field… and SOMETIMES the name??

Hello Simon,

Thank you for your question! At this time, does not have the ability to sync Gmail contacts directly to a board. Currently the way to accomplish this is through an import from Excel. We appreciate the feedback - and I have made sure to raise this need to our development team.

Melissa C. -

Exactly my thoughts, monday is not a real CRM without this feature.

Up to that feature monday is just a project management tool nothing more.

This is exactly the reason why we don’t sell monday as a CRM to our clients, because it’s not a CRM until that feature is implemented.

Did anyone made a feature request for this?

It is now a feature request :slight_smile:
Plz vote here!

This integration is possible using Zapier. But is more one paid service.