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I am looking for an efficient way to add contacts to the Contacts Board on my Monday CRM.

The scenario is:

I new Contact at a Client sends me an email in my GoogleWorkspace Gmail Client. I want to immediately add the person as a Contact in my CRM.

I am currently using a GoogleWorkspace plugin/add on iEnterprise- but it $19 per user per month. That seems high and is actually more than I am paying to CRM per user.

Hey @Conchita,

If I am understanding correctly, you could achieve this via the Emails and Activities App, and toggle the create contacts automatically option on!

Emails will be logged in two ways:

  1. New contacts will be created from emails sent in monday sales CRM.
  2. New contacts will be created from emails sent in your email client (i.e. Gmail or Outlook).

If you have multiple email inboxes connected, you can choose to only set up automatic contact creation for specific email connections. Any changes you make will apply across the entire account…

Let me know if this along the lines of what you’re looking for? :pray:

Thanks Bianca. This solution is close but not exactly the fix I am looking for. I am still trying to figure out how to add the contact EVEN if I don’t send the them an email…

The scenario is Paul Green from Top Client sends me an email in GMAIL. I want to add Paul Green as a contact in my contact board on the Monday CRM so that I can include Paul on future email campaigns, mass email, or future sales/marketing efforts.

Ah I understand what you mean here - thank you for clarifying!

I am afraid at this time those contacts will log based on the outgoing emails sent from within your email client and/or within the monday CRM. That said, I hear where you’re coming from here and will relay this directly with our CRM team internally. I apologise for the setback at this time Conchita :pray:

Hello @Conchita

Did you get the assistance you required for the custom integration?
If not, please contact us at We have over eleven years of experience creating the most “customized and flexible” integrations, and as a result of this expertise, we are partnered with major companies who use our services as an ADD ON to their native projects, as we can support customized requests that arise from their native connections, as well as they are using us their “INTEGRATION PARTNER”.

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks

Hey @Conchita

Thanks for reaching out to the community! With Google Workspace integration, you can easily convert mail IDs into contacts, add them to the CRM contact list, and share them with your team. This integration brings all of your customer information into one interface by connecting incoming user emails to active projects and sales processes. Similarly, you can assign statuses and due dates to align teamwork and achieve objectives.

If you’re looking to integrate Gmail with monday CRM, team up with a integrations services provider. They can build custom integration or recommend the right third-party API for synchronization.