How to properly integrate Google Calendar and Monday

Hi! Need help, I can’t figure out how to properly integrate Google Calendar and Monday.

We are using Monday CRM. So we actually put our contacts on Monday: Company, Name, Phone number, and so on.

The task that lies on the surface is to schedule calls, make appointments, schedule emails, and so on. It seems to me that this is a basic function of any CRM. However, Monday suggests the following scenario: “When item is created or updated, create an event in GC, and sync future changes from this board”. As a result, when I create a new contact (item) in CRM, Monday takes and creates an Event in Google Calendar. As you understand, I don’t need this at all. What I require, for example, is for me to select in the “Next step” column the date of the next customer touch, and it will show up in my calendar.

Right now, I just can’t do that or don’t understand how. If I’m missing something, please let me know.

Hi @Brian_Douglas ,
You can integrate Google Calender and Monday using Make Platform.

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Hey Brian!

The monday work management platform offers a range of integrations and automation. One such integration is Google Calendar. If your employees depend on Google Calendar to organize their daily tasks, consider integrating these two platforms. With this integration, your workforce can sync all of their tasks and items to the external calendar so that they can view everything in one digital place. Calendar integration equips your teams to establish stronger connections with customers and prospects, enhance engagement, and close more deals successfully. Experts from the monday com recognized partner company can help you implement this integration properly.

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