Google Chat integration

Hi, it would be good to have a Google Chat integration with similar to what you have with Slack. We get unlimited history of chat with Google Suite, whereas if we wanted to have all chat history in Slack, we’d need to upgrade to a paid plan.

HI @nick! Thanks so much for this suggestion - happy to pass this along to our team for consideration! Would there be any additional recipes outside of those you see in our current Slack integrations that might be useful for you and your team? Cheers!

Not really in terms of > Google Chat integration. The only comment I would make is that when I tested Slack, I got quite a lot of clutter around the update. It would be good if users could link to their Slack IDs so that the comments come through in Slack as from the person posting them instead of from

If this is not possible, I would probably prefer something where the board and pulse are a bit clearer when the comment comes through, e.g. app

Hey, @soandoso, can you help me with such-and-such today?

Reply on

Person: Nick G
Pulse: Complete Such-and-such
Board: Whatstheirname

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Awesome - thanks @nick!

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