Google Chat integration

I agree, this is becoming a dealbreaker for us. We are doing all heavy lifting in Google Workspace and really need better integration ASAP!

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Same here. We’ve been with monday for over a year now and unfortunately are switching to chat from slack and we’ll lose the notification and the bot. Might be worth it for us to switch to Asana or Trello for this reason alone

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I am also eching this, I would like to be able to leave Slack, but I’m stuck losing key parts of my process since Google Chat is missing.

I would love to she this happen, our company is struggling now with the a solid internal communication for Teams. Not to mention one inclusive platform to communicate for internal teams and external entities.

Representing an organization that is looking for a solution, this may be a deal breaker for us. Can someone at let us know if this is in the development pipeline?

Any updates on whether or not this is in development? My business uses Google Workspace and could really benefit from this being added. Gmail and Google Calendar is already there… A great way for my team to communicate away from Slack would be great!

This request has been here since February 2020. A lot of companies use Google Suite, I’m not really sure why this hasn’t been integrated. I believe for those needing more security (healthcare, etc), that gchat is a better deal and similar to Slack.

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@lauralev Please can you move this forward? This would be so helpful for so many people and would definitely make my work life easier! Google Chat is so widely used, this surely could be an easy integration. Please please help! :pray:


Our organization would also get a huge benefit if this was implemented. Any updates @lauralev ? Thanks so much.

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So there is an “app” or “bot” that exists in Google Chat that can be added to spaces that claims to connect to Google Chat, but when I try to add it there, it won’t let me authorize it because it hasn’t been approved by It would appear that not only have you not created this insanely useful and highly requested app, but you are actively blocking one that claims to do it? Can the dev team shed some light on this?

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i’ve asked our CSR and they didn’t have any info. I’ve had to have my dev team use google dev to try to make one. very annoying. Even used zapier for a while. Any status on this would be great.