Slack IntegratePlus for is now available in the app marketplace

Hey everyone! :wave: We’re excited to announce the launch of a new and improved Slack <> integration app we’re calling Slack IntegratePlus for

Having spoken to a plethora of both and Slack users who were tired of switching between the two platforms, we designed our app to give you the ability to:

  • Configure actionable notifications which allow edits on your board items, and subitems, right from a Slack channel

  • Push updates, create new items, change statuses, and move items on your boards without ever leaving Slack

  • Turn Slack conversations into items (and/or updates) on your boards using message actions, and more!

Interested in trying out our app? Head over to our marketplace listing

For us, this is just the beginning. We want to work with companies to tailor the best Slack <> integration app possible. We’d really appreciate if you could share feedback on our app with our team at or through our app feedback form. :raised_hands:

To better understand how our app adds additional value over the existing native Slack integration, check out a one-pager we’ve attached below.