Forward specific Slack chat to monday as an item/subitem update

While I like the feature to create a new item or add a new item update via Slack, what would be even better is the ability to forward an actual individual chat message (including the author, date/time stamp, and message) to a monday board as an item or subitem update.

This would create so much efficiency when receiving notes or suggestions for ongoing projects so that you don’t lose the information.

A big consideration for this is that - for those of us who do not have upgraded Slack accounts, our chats disappear after a certain timeframe, so this should be a one-way feed that is then stored in monday vs. a live integration.

Hey Andrea!

I wanted to check if you had explored our native integration with Slack? You’re able to create items/updates directly from slack channels/conversations.

I understand you’re also interested in syncing + storing an entire slack conversation to the platform, which is an interesting request that I can definitely take with our team internally :raised_hands:

Hi Bianca – I have used the native integration. It’s great for simple items/tasks that don’t require a lot of context. But when you need notes or context, you basically have to duplicate the person’s chat manually or type your own notes, which can be time-consuming.

I also wanted to note that my request was specific to a single chat vs. an entire conversation, although having the option for both might be nice.