Urgent Enhancement Request: Subitem Automations

Dear Monday.com Team,

I hope this message finds you well. Over the past three years, I’ve noticed a recurring theme in user requests regarding subitem automations. Despite the passage of time, it appears that no significant progress has been made in this regard.

I would like to bring to your attention the growing frustration among users, including myself, who find themselves grappling with increased manual workload due to the limitations in subitem automations. It’s evident that the current system primarily focuses on automations for items, creating an imbalance in the user experience.

I genuinely appreciate the continuous improvements made to Monday.com, and I understand the complexity of feature development. However, I firmly urge you to prioritize and expedite the implementation of subitem automations. Users should not face limitations based on whether they are working with an item or a subitem. A seamless and universal automation experience is crucial for efficiency and user satisfaction.

I believe that enhancing subitem automations to align with item automation features will not only address a long-standing user concern but also elevate the overall functionality of Monday.com. Your attention to this matter is highly valued, and I trust that the team’s commitment to excellence will result in a positive and timely resolution.

Thank you for your understanding and dedication to providing an exceptional user experience.

Best regards,

  • Zack

Our company has had material issues with subitem automations as well. We heavily use these as it is good to group subitems with a parent project and keep track of it. However, the slack integrations for subitem automations are not available and it has made such an impact we are actively searching for an alternate solution.

Any updates would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Zack,

I know it’s been a while since you opened this thread, but replying here just in case you haven’t been able to find a solution to this.

We recently launched an app called Slack IntegratePlus for monday.com that helps you do receive Slack notifications for your monday.com boards’ sub-items (and more).

Would request you to kindly check it out!