Request for ability to enter sub Items on a form

Hello! We would love to use Monday for our Expense Reimbursements and get rid of the spreadsheets, but right now there doesn’t appear to be a way to create a new item via form and also break out sub-items. The need is to be able to list all the individual expenses and have only totals on the main item.

Sub items inlude expense type, amount etc. Thank for you consideration!

There’s a conversation on this topic, but not a feedback entry so I thought I’d add one :slight_smile:

Hi @lizpfahler I think this is a great suggestion! I can think of many applications where this would be beneficial and streamline the data input process.


Adding this functionality would be huge for me.

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Yes, this is much needed!

And also the ability to mirror subitems.

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Yep still waiting lol

On another note… Good to see pro users don’t get conditional questions! Boo! Any update when Pro users get to use this? Was told it would be for Pro and Enterprise…

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Can’t believe this is being so grossly overlooked by the Monday team. It’s a huge sore point for me and I’m reconsidering where to even keep using at all. Other little things I can forgive, but this is a massive time killer for our business, and having to pay for multiple other programs to find a work-around that only partially even works is a total waste of time and money. Very disappointing.

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I’ve been able to use automations as a work around for now. Would be nice to get some sort of sign that Monday is committed to sub items. Wondering if I’m wasting my time. Many ways to get from here to there…

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Monday…please…We need this… here it is again!

Hi @lizpfahler, @Carson, @psperry, @chrisclick, @tommy_H, @fureverafter, and @BizFocusedHarry! Can you all please share some use cases with me? What would be most helpful would be a) a sentence or a couple of sentences about the use case OR b) a loom video sent to me in a DM describing the use case.

This will help us prioritize this feature moving forward!

My use case is pretty much like several I have heard. My workflow includes items that typically have around 20 subitems that we use pretty much like a checklist. Subitems are better for us than a simple list because the subitems can be assigned and tracked individually. I had originally envisioned adding these subitems with a form since that is how the item is created in the first place. The work-around I am currently using is a automation that adds the subitems after the item is created. I think for me this is actually preferable because automating this is easier on the user and I am also able to apply certain lists to their corresponding item type, another task that would pushed to the user. Currently my biggest pain point in this with regard is maintaining my subitem lists. This is painful to do in the automations themselves because we don’t have a good editor. In the best of all possible worlds, I would like to maintain my “lists” in subitem templates and then apply them using an automation. This would make the automations easier to manage but I don’t believe that is currently possible.

Sorry, this was more than a couple sentences.

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We were trying recently to create a kind of timesheet to track project tasks for some contract staff, and it would have been good to be able to create a form where the item is the date, day of week and high level details, and the subitems are the tasks with the time spent. Ideally this would be submitted each week via a form.

We run a pet crematorium.
For us, the parent item is the used to show the main details of who the job is for - the pet, their owner, contact info, etc.
The tasks for this pet are then listed as subitems.
When a booking form is entered, we’d like to be able to create the item WITH subitems as per those the requests selected on the booking form.
Currently, unless we pay for yet ANOTHER program (integromat), as spend ages creating a work around and yet another thing that can “break” in the chain, we have no way of being able to get these subitems created per the booking and have to spend time manually entering each one.
Major hassle. And have already spent several hours trying to get integromat to do it right with unreliable results.

We use items as accounts, then our subitems show what type of cash flow is going in or out. If we could have subitems on forms we could specify what type of flow each subitem was and from there we could have dependent questions on forms based on flow type, then when the form was submitted automations and formulas could take over to delineate actual need for each cash flow.

any update on this feature?
I don’t see it on their product plan Subitems Product Plan

Currently, I’m using Superform to connect to a board item. Would be better if it was just nested under as a sub-item form submission

I absolutely need this functionality!! Great suggestion. I was hoping I could do this now, but unfortunately it’s not available.
My use case is for New User/Onboarding - Form is submitted for each new hire or exiting employee - sub-items are used for security, hardware and software needs.

Sorry for the delay, I missed this! My use case is that we wanted to use it for Expense reimbursement. Where it would be a single line item for the entire amount requested, but sub items for the individual expenses. Finance wants to review the individual expenses, but want’s to approve and process the sum of the expense request.

My use case would be that I add vehicle details as a subitem to a contact.
Then, based on the vehicle details, we create a proposal (that probably will go to another board) and after acceptance a project item on a project board will be created.

Currently putting the vehicle details in a seperate board, but as a new user I find it a bit of a hassle to get things linked the way I would like. Still got a lot to learn to get all boards linked correctly.

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Not sure if this is still being looked at, but our use case is for a simple Purchase Request. Currently if someone is requesting multiple items, they have to submit multiple copies of the form. It would be much nicer to be able to populate subitems, this saves purchasing and submitter great deals of time and keeps boards cleaner and more organized.

This would really help us. Our use case is that our item is our IT “problem” and we have to submit multiple request forms for changes to fix that problem. Each request form is currently tracked as a subitem. If we could create a form to populate subitems, it would really help our workflow.