Request for ability to enter sub Items on a form

Hello! We would love to use Monday for our Expense Reimbursements and get rid of the spreadsheets, but right now there doesn’t appear to be a way to create a new item via form and also break out sub-items. The need is to be able to list all the individual expenses and have only totals on the main item.

Sub items inlude expense type, amount etc. Thank for you consideration!

There’s a conversation on this topic, but not a feedback entry so I thought I’d add one :slight_smile:

Hi @lizpfahler I think this is a great suggestion! I can think of many applications where this would be beneficial and streamline the data input process.

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Adding this functionality would be huge for me.

Yes, this is much needed!

And also the ability to mirror subitems.

Yep still waiting lol

On another note… Good to see pro users don’t get conditional questions! Boo! Any update when Pro users get to use this? Was told it would be for Pro and Enterprise…