Unlimited Subitems

Just got off the chat with the Monday.com team. As a project manager, anytime you do a gantt chart or WBS you need to have layers of sub items to capture the scope of the work. My understanding is that this is not currently on the development list but there is an app you can purchase that will give you the unlimited subitems. That’s great but confsued why Monday does not have this and the second thing is it costs more, basically another payment. Not sure why a project management software would have such a shallow platform when it comes to the layers of tasks.

Hi @ejwoodrow,

Thanks for your feedback! From what I gather, this request is for the platform itself and not for our API, apps framework, or marketplace. I’ve moved you post to the platform feature requests queue so it gets the correct visibility :slight_smile:


Watched a tutorial and tried the app for unlimited subitems. Not happy with the interface as it needs to have a seperate board specifically for the unlimited subitem app. Do not feel comfortable putting the time into that option.

I agree Jayda; Having unlimited subitems is extremely valuable and something we are also after.
I’ve had the opportunity to explore the app, but the fact that it’s another subscription that also modifies Monday’s look and design doesn’t excite me.
This feature has been requested for a while, and I wonder why Monday is happy for their users to subscribe to an app that decreases user experience when it is something Monday could easily develop.
I hope unlimited subitems will be added to the monday.com development list soon.