Request for ability to enter sub Items on a form

This feature is very important for us. We need to be able to send a form in which an order can be filled having specific devices with distinct quantities and customizations listed as subitems.

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Please add this functionality!!! I want to set up a form for employee reviews with several sub-items under a header, but no way to do this currently.

This is exactly the reason we need this feature. Perfect for expense claims. And I am sure lots of other scenarios

Hi! Is there anyone that knows an app that allows items and subitems (columns and sub-columns) on the form?
This would be great for an eCommerce use type: where the item corresponds to the order and the subitems are the ordered articles.

Hello I am also very interested in this feature. I have voted and following.

Is there any progress with this feature request? Multiple people have been requesting it for the past 2 years. We are a subcontractor and looking for a way for our infield crews to be able to dispatch tasks and crews as subitems for each install and track completion. we don’t want them to create a new main item on the board because it will create duplications. Having them create it in the field as a form and it populating to the subitem. This would keep all install tasks and history under the main install item.