Drop-down and editing current items via forms

I first want to say how much I LOVE Monday.com and the way they are open to feedback and use their IG for user cx support. You guys are amazing!!!

A couple of tweaks that I’m sure would be game changing for others as well:

Instead of superforms which is a paid app being able to utilize forms to update current item info. I have personally used forms as a sales script and upload client info into Monday. When they call in it would be great to update or add to their info as a sales script rather than using the table which isn’t the same experience.

An automation request I sincerely hopes is considered is additional drop-down functionality. Ie: “If status changes set drop-down to:” “if item added to group set drop-down to:” I would be so happy!!! We used status columns to do this but for things that aren’t really status like info but because of automation limitations by design we had to. If we built out drop-down automations we could use automations and column types more appropriately.

PS, I’m in Fort Lauderdale fl and if you guys ever decide to open to remote workers I will be first in line as a sales person. I’ve used the product and would love nothing more than to show others how this software can elevate their company!!! I’m a Monday.com fanatic!!! Thank you for all you do and the product you’ve created!!!