How receptive is the team regarding new automation/integration requests?

We are building out a ticketing system in addition to our PM stuff and there are a few features that Monday is missing that I think are pretty important for a lot of people’s workflows.

I would have assumed could be created via automations/integrations (things like “when an update is created EMAIL X” (or a work around would be “When an update is created, change column to ${update}” [and then use the prebuilt integration "when column changes, email whomever] ) or “every timer period, delete items with status of done”). But these aren’t, so I have submitted a request for these automations and was wondering how receptive the team was to adding things like this?

Probably not the response you were hoping for, but I too am wondering the same thing. does 90% of everything I want, but some of that 10% are crucial and the fact that they’re missing is a huge detractor (i.e. using mirrored columns with integrations etc.). I’m really keen to keep using it, but if I can’t plug some of those gaps in the workflow, becomes much less useful.

Yeah I think that’s exactly it - it covers 90% of what we need but that last 10 is pretty crucial that it makes us think about looking at other services like Asana. It’s annoying too, that last 10% seems to be a fundamental feature of other services too.