What did you think about our automations community event?

Hey Everyone,

Over the past month, we hosted (2x!) Amichay Even Chen, monday.com product manager to take us behind the scenes of monday automations. During the live events, Amichay discussed the ability to edit custom automation, new updates, and gave some insight into how the automation team works.

We are excited to be able to share more behind-the-scenes with our community. For those that attended and those that were unable to we still want to hear from you and hope to see you at future events. If you have any more questions about automation or any feedback about the session let us know in the comments below!

Can you post a link to the replay(s)?


It seems like we have to rely on third-party add-ins (most of which require additonal payment) in order to accomplish things that automations should just cover (e.g. setting a due date for a subitem created via automation that is based on the due date of the parent item). Is there any discussion of getting automations caught up with user needs?


I found it useful and liked to be able to ask questions. I agree w/a previous comment that monday has to balance having robust core functionality w/o too much reliance on the marketplace apps. would like to see more focus on improving the automation capabilities and recipe building.


As with the other comments I find myself relying on 3rd party apps to do things that I think monday should be able to accomplish. Something like taking a mirror column and making a copy of it locally and then keeping it updated would get rid 80% of the automations that I use.

The use case there is having a master board with locked down permissions in the CRM side - then pulling out bits of info to other boards and workspaces that can be public knowledge or pertain to that group. Then when the master updates, every other board does as well

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