Automation Improvement Suggestions

Hey all!

I’m loving Monday’s automation features, makes cross-team work a lot easier. That said, I’ve ran into some limitations that don’t really make sense to me. After contacting support about one of these issues it turns out it’s not something I’m doing wrong, but it’s actual software limitations (at least in that particular case). Here’s some things I’ve ran into that would allow me to further optimize our workflows, if they’d be possible. If people know ways around these limitations I’m more than happy to hear them too!

-I use a lot of mirror columns to automatically pull data / assigned people from other boards. F.e. we have a Master Planning doc from which I pull a lot of info to several different boards. On some boards I’ve made, people we work with (included in “people” columns) automatically get notified upon certain status updates. Love that automation, but it’s not possible to send these automated notifications to people in a mirrored people column. So, pulling the assigned people from the Master Planning doc through mirror columns to another board, means you cannot include the people in that column in notification automations on that board. This only seems to work with people you manually assign to the board directly, instead of automatically through mirror columns. Pretty annoying to deal with, though not a disaster. Would be great if this could be possible in the future!

-There’s some weekly tasks that need doing within our team, every Monday morning. I discovered an automation parameter for this called “every time period.” Great, though for some reason you only get 4 actions to perform with this parameter: Notify, create item, duplicate group and create group. I was looking to have an automatic status / label change through this parameter, but that doesn’t appear to be possible. Would be great if this would be possible! I’ve found a way around it by creating a new item every Monday at 9 with this same repeating task, but having an automatic status update on the already existing item (from “done” to “needs doing” f.e.) every week seems easier, saves some item cluttering.

-Another thing I’d like to use is something fairly situational, but I’ve been thinking about the possibility of using delayed automations. Let’s say someone accidentally clicks a wrong status change, you don’t want that to notify other people about said status change since it was a mistake. If it were possible to delay automations, this could be prevented. Let’s say we’re talking about an automated notification upon a status update. If it were possible to have the notification only be sent when the status update has been in effect for 2 minutes, a misclick could be quickly corrected without that notification being sent when it shouldn’t be. I imagine this could be useful in a bunch of other scenarios too!

I’m hoping these features could be added in the future, I reckon some of these could help in a bunch of different situations for all kinds of board users!

Hey Seoli!
Thanks for these suggestions! Your feedback is important to us and this has a lot of good information. I suggest that you also look and vote on the feature request that exist, since a few that you mentioned already have been requested. The top voted request every quarter and go to our product team for information about where the requests ands in our roadmap and therefore we encourage you to have a look around the category and vote for for features that are most important to you!

Hey Juliette,

Awesome, thanks! I’ll have a look at the community votes :slight_smile:

Happy days!