Limited Automation Capabilities Due to "View-Only" Status of Mirrored Data in Boards

When mirroring information from a customer board to a main board on, the mirrored data becomes “view-only.” This limitation restricts users from utilizing this data in automations, such as automatically sending emails using mirrored email addresses. The inability to act on mirrored data diminishes the efficiency and functionality of our CRM system.

Hey Manuel,

Thanks for your feature request!

Can I ask if column permissions might be getting in the way here? Mirrored data across boards should be editable as long as no permissions have been set on the specific column and you have access to the origin board.

Are any of these factors perhaps getting in the way here?

Thank you for your response.

While the mirrored data is indeed editable, the challenge I’m facing is its usability in automations. For instance:

  1. If I mirror an “email column” from another board to my main board, I can see the email on my main board. However, I can’t leverage that mirrored email for email automations.
  2. Similarly, when I mirror a “name column”, that mirrored name doesn’t appear as an option to be included in notifications. Essentially, the mirrored data isn’t recognized or available to be utilized in automations, which limits its functionality for our needs.

I hope this provides a clearer picture of the issue we’re encountering.

Thank you for your assistance!