Mirrored column automations announced

Hi, today a many times requested feature was announced in the blog section, referring to that mirrored columns are supported by automations. I was surprised to see that there is only one recipe avaliable to work with mirrored data, till now only status columns and in only 1 recipe from all avaliable.

If anyone from Monday.com can clarify this. Thanks.


And what about automation of an email mirror column. Is this planned ?
Thks for information.


It seems this feature was released yesterday. But as @hlopezvc mentions, it seems to only support the “notify someone”-action. I was hoping it could use it for a “change another status to something”-action. I sent an email asking monday for clarification, if it’s really true mirroed columns are only supported for this one thing.


Very unfortunate. Support has confirmed they only support the one action. But the feature announcement text sounded like it supported more and gave “endless opportunities” but the only opportunity is to notify someone :frowning:

This is exactly what I was hoping for too. This could be advertised as “endless notifications” instead.

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I’d like an automation option for “When mirror status changes to something change another status to something”.


“Endless notifications”, yeah, exactly :joy:

I agree with this: “When mirror status changes to something change another status to something” .

THAT would be a game-changer, and fix several of our workflow problems. I discussed it with Support as well, and while they did really good in trying to come up with some alternatives and workarounds, they admitted they were workarounds and were happy to forward my request to development team so hopefully this feature could get some higher priority. But one of the supporters also told me not to expect it this year :frowning:


“When mirror status changes to something change another status to something”

we need this feature!!! please!!!


Has there been any update on when this feature may be available?

Hey @RachelTD and @Aksalano!

At the moment basically every recipe with the “Supports subitems” label also supports mirror status columns as a trigger. (All of them apart from these ones in the subitems category: 1002, 1003).

Next our team is working on mirrored columns in custom automations.

After that they will look at the automation recipe @Tomas is looking for! That being said, I’ll certainly pass along the feedback that this would be a useful automation for all of you!


Any update on this. This would help SOO MUCH!!

Hey @WhitneyWells, thanks for posting! Could you write in to support@monday.com with details of which automation would be helpful for you specifically? We’d love to pass your feedback to the team and see if there are any workarounds for you in the meantime.

Hi @TRB-monday.com i think the goal here is to have all automations being supported for Mirrored Column.

Hey @hlopezvc, got it, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: We don’t have a timeline for this yet, but I will certainly pass the feedback along to our product team.

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This would solve many, many work-around challenges!!