Mirror Status Colums triggering events in mirrored column

Im a bit confused as i have read a few conflicting things on here, I have a mirrored status in a view only dashboard, when that status changes to something I would like to have an automation happen like you normally would be able to with a normal status chnage, is this possible? I have read a few other similar topics but seem to have varying answers, I can’t make board to confusing due to the cllientelle I have using it.

Hey there! Happy to help with this! :wave:

So it sounds like the confusion might be coming from the fact that not all types of mirror columns are supported in automations. However, a mirror column of a status column works in automations!

Here are the possible automation recipes you can set up with your mirrored status column:

  • “When status changes from something to something else, notify someone”
  • “When status changes to something, stop time tracking”
  • “When status changes to something start time tracking”
  • “When status changes to something, set due date to current date plus some days”
  • “When status changes to something, set due date to current date”
  • “When status changes to something, start time tracking. When it changes to something, stop.”
  • "When status changes to something, change another status to something (Note: mirrored status supported as the trigger. Supports mirror columns of subitems)

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this or need some more clarification! :blush:

Thanks for the response, I have been trying that but the mirrored status will not even come up as an option to choose no matter how I try, am i doing dsomething wrong or am I not understanding something about the automation?

I have worked it out I had to type the number “280” into automations to get the correct recipe. Intresting that when I choose the other way it does not work.
This has solved my issue atm though thank you.

Hi @CharlotteK

I have the same problem @BNBLEATHER

Mirror colunms (status) is not available for automations

I wored it out in the end, when you go to automations page, type 280 in and the mirror version will work for you.

Wow! this has been a most wanted for me, interesting. How did you figure out it was 280?

Thank you!

I found it in these forums somewhere by a Monday admin/moderator. I cannot for the life of me find the forum again, they had a bunch of diffrent ones I wish I screen shotted it, I wish they were more transparent with these things cause this has changed my boards so much.

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The automations that Charlotte listed do work with mirrored columns, however only the premade recipes. If you try to recreate those automations as a custom recipe, it won’t read the mirrored column.

If you want more advanced functionality triggered via a mirror status, you can use a helper status column. Have the mirrored status column update the helper status column and then use that change as the trigger for your custom recipe.

You don’t need to search 280. That’s just a shortcut to find one of the premade recipes which are able to be triggered by mirrored status column changes.

The detailed monday.com documentation is here:

I am unsure what I am doing wrong but the shortcuts are the only way I have been able to activate these automations.

So the shortcut you’re using is really handy! But you should just be able to scroll down the Automations Center and find all of the premade recipes like so:

If that isn’t the case, I’d definitely recommend opening a support ticket.

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