Mirror column automations

Dear Monday, please allow the use of this automation

When “mirror status” changes from “anything” to “something”, move item to “group”



Yes! unfortunately for now you have to use one that changes a status, and then use that to trigger changing group.

I would like the ability to create automations for “mirror status” columns. Has anyone submitted a feature request?

You actually can use the “status change” automations in a limited way:

Here are the supported recipes for automations that can be triggered by mirrors changing.

Thank you Cody for your message. I am looking to create an automation that Abish mentioned:
When mirrored status column changes to [insert status name], move item to group B

This isn’t possible, as it is not in the list that can trigger from mirrors.

I do have a workaround you can try: “When status changes to something, change another status to something” automation to change a status on the board when a mirror changes - then when that status changes, move item to group b.

Thank you. Another automation I would like to create:
Boards A, B & C are connected.
On board B, when a mirrored column S changes status to X, create a new item in board C and connect mirrored column S with all 3 boards.

That will need a separate feature request I suspect - and note, I am a monday.com partner, not monday.com team member. Partners are consultants and app developers - we don’t work for monday.

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