Support Ticketing System- Customization


I am a newbie to, I was wondering if it’s possible to use as a ticketing system. I am wondering how to prevent any replies to be added as a new item from outlook.

It would be great if we can do something that’s native to because third party integrations can be hidden costs or have data privacy concerns.


Rajvi Shukla

Hi There!

Yes this is possible and we have built things like this with the following parameters:

  • Email Integration to receive ticket creation and respond back based on status.
  • Tracking of the phase the ticket is in and assign via the people column.
  • Analytics of SLAs and KPIs surrounding closing of tickets with time and level of effort.
  • Tracking of possible FAQ creation to post for extra help.
  • Digitized workflows based upon type of request with automated assignment.

These are a few of the examples and happy to walk through an example build.

Talk soon!
Mike B
Automation Architect