Customer-created tickets?

I’ve been looking into using Monday for our team’s bug tracking software, and it has a lot of really fantastic features but I’m having trouble with one key feature that I need: automated ticket creation based on customer reports.

Right now we use Discourse for our reports and it seems like there’s no integration for that, but we’re willing to use other systems as long as there’s a way for a customer-created ticket to make its way into our Monday board.

The goal of the workflow is:
Customer reports bug using some system →
Customer-reported bug get added as a new ticket to a “Queue” group on our Monday board →
Our team uses Monday to manage these customer-reported bugs.

We’d like to automate the system so that our team only ever has to look at our Monday’s “queue” and no manual transcription of reports are necessary.

Does anyone have any insight on how I could go about getting to our goal? Thanks!

From a high level perspective, what you are specifically asking for is absolutely doable in monday. Of course, as they say, the devil is the details.

We currently use JIRA and Zendesk in addition to monday. We use monday integrations in conjunction with additional functionality added using Integromat to bring some of the info from these systems into monday.

We also use monday forms. These provide simple web based items creations. This sounds like it might be enough for you. It is also possible to create items by sending an email directly to a board. This can be helpful as well. But, generally we only use that functionality internally. I also have done some testing using the platform. It is very powerful and worth checking out if the base forms in monday aren’t quite enough.

Thanks for the reply! The monday forms are very close to what we’re looking for but it’s missing some basic functionality that we’d really like to have such as hyperlinks in form field descriptions and the ability to re-order the fields in the form (for example, I’d like to use the Update field for the bug description, however, it seems to be locked to the bottom of the form, and I’d like it to be the 2nd item directly under Title.)

Do you have any idea if these features are planned or if they’re already integrated how I would go about using them?

(As an aside, outside form platforms are something we’re happy to consider but given the simplistic nature of what we’re looking for, we don’t really need an extremely powerful service such as Jotform to get the information we need so it’s very difficult to justify using a seperate paid service for forms. The Free tier in both Jotform and Typeform don’t appear to be robust enough to meet our needs given the volume of users we’d have submitting bug reports.)

You have some good questions. Maybe a monday team member can jump in here.

One thing you might look into regarding field order and the updates is to use a board that is setup for the form layout. Use a “temporary” text field (or fields if you need more than 2000 characters) in place of the update. Then, when a new item comes in, create the update from the text field(s) and move the item to the “real” board. The tricky part is getting everything to happen in the proper sequence. But, it’s doable.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the help!

I’m sure I can probably set up automations and finagle my way around the system but it just seems frustratingly difficult to have to spend our limited automations per month to jury-rig what feels like should be basic functionality…

Hey @Kazun, thanks for following up! I’d definitely like to help here to see if we can forms/ set up for your workflow so that you don’t have to spend your automations.

You can rearrange the order of columns in your board to rearrange the fields in the form (except for the updates section). What would you think of using a text column instead of the updates section for the bug description?

How were you looking to use hyperlinks in this case? I’d love to learn more to see if I can pass this as feedback on to my team.

Thanks for the reply!

While I’m aware of the ability to rearrange the order of columns for the board to rearrange the fields in the form, we’d like to maintain the current arrangement on the board while being able to separately arrange the form’s order. The end-user of the two interfaces are different: the board is for the devs to view bugs, the form is for the users to report bugs.

I tried using the text column as well but it seemed very easy to accidentally delete or modify and ended up cluttering the column view with unnecessary information. We like the setup of the Updates section being one click away so that if we want more information on the bug besides just the title, we can click in, rather than having to take up screen space with a text column, and currently the updates section seemed to be the only way I could find to have that structure.

As for the hyperlinks, our use case is a form field that asks for users to attach their log files from our game with a hyperlink that leads them to our FAQ which explains in detail how to get to our game’s log files. Fully explaining that process in the text filed would be way too long, so we’d like to just link the user to our website where the information is explained while keeping the actual bug report form short.