Create and sync zendesk tickets originating from a new board item

Hello, we have a board that is generating new items when the associated monday form is being used by our end users. We have activated our zendesk integration on the board to be used to create and track new zendesk tickets when a new item is created in it. Currently the existing automation recipes allow us to pull new tickets based on the specified criteria and create new items and track the associated zendesk tickets for those items.

We would like to have a feature such that: when a new item is created in the source board (i.e. by form submission), it will generate a ticket in zendesk and automatically sync and update that zendesk ticket in the same board item.

We have non-Monday users that need to receive zendesk ticket for form submissions that come in via Monday. Right now the current recipes and automation options don’t automatically sync back the ticket created based on the item’s details we specify. It was requested by the product team to create this topic/feature request to review and see if we can have this in the future.

Happy to visualize this or discuss further. We will be on zendesk for the foreseeable future so being able to originate and automatically sync zendesk tickets in an associated monday item would be very helpful for us for tracking and reporting.

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@FrankM_MI Zendesk and integration Connect , Automatically transform Zendesk tickets into engineering tasks, keep track of progress from one place, notify team members on changes or delays, update your users directly from monday.

Hi Sachin,

Thanks for the reply, however I’m unsure how this is addressing my request to the Monday product team.

@FrankM_MI yes we can addressing you request to the mondey team, we can connect to call please let me know

Hey @FrankM_MI

Being an authorized partner company, we assure you that our dedicated integration experts can address this problem. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of integrating Zendesk with They can configure the integration and add some workflows to automate the process of ticket creation, tracking, and reporting. Implementing the custom integration enables you to sync data across both Zendesk and and maintain a single source of data truth.

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