Sync Monday updates to Zendesk

I’m using Monday’s Zendesk built-in integration to create items in a specific Monday board given a condition is met. This part works fine.

I need to set up a mechanism to send any updates (text) from the update section on the linked Monday item back to Zendesk. I see there is no built-in automation for this use case.

I got this to work partially using Zapier (webhook from Monday to Zendesk), however, the update text is not pulling through in the webhook payload. Is anyone able to help out? Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @mikaelmaingard

Could you share the error (or lack of) you are receiving on Zapier from the Monday webhook?

Also did you look into using the “Specific Column Value Changed in Board” Monday trigger on Zapier instead of going via the webhook route?