Filtering Outgoing Item Webhooks

Hi There,

We are working with a customer using Monday, who would like us to insert items into their boards. One of the requirements is that we are notified via webhooks on certain changes to these items at given points in their workflows. This is straightforward enough; how-ever our challenge is that we only want to receive webhook updates for those items we have injected.

I have been able to achieve this using Zapier as the middleman to filter those items that that did not originate from our system, however this consumes many tasks given the number of items, which will push up the costs associated with the Zapier plan.

I have had a play with creating our own App, but haven’t been able to determine if I can create my own outgoing webhook that would look something like:

When and Item of Type A is created, send a Webhook


When Status changes to anything on an Item of Type A, send a Webhook

Is this something that is achievable in a custom Monday App, or is using a 3rd party tool as the middleman my only option?

Thanks in Advance!

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100% agree that webhooks need this level of filtering and conditional logic on the side.