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I am currently trying to set up a process for keeping track of applicants for a programme in - whereby when I mark their Status column as “accepted” they are automatically added to our Mailchimp (so they can get a “Welcome email”) and to a Google Group (for communication between all the successful applicants etc).

When I checked on Zapier I was encourage into thinking this would be easy as it showed possible triggers from as being things like “Status Change” and “New Item”.

This is where things go weird; when I actually came to set this all up on the Zapier end the only information that is actually passed to Zapier when these triggers are initiated is that a status has changed and the name of the item/the name and group of the new item. This is totally useless! There doesn’t seem to be a way to send any info from other columns across.

When I reached out to Zapier for support with this they said “The integration, like most integrations (except the ones that say Zapier), are not built by us, they are built by the company themselves, in this case, That means the names and features provided in the triggers, actions searches all come from their team”.

And then when I reached out to the support they have just said “we do not generally offer tailored email support for clients using external tools like Zapier” and then went on to suggest I check out these forums.

So, what to do? I have just spend a week or two moving all of our tracking of applicants off Google Sheets and onto to find out that to have this stuff automated I should have just stayed there? This would seem like a pretty basic thing to have working (although I am no coder).

Any and all support and ideas on this would be most appreciated.

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I would add in that I have checked out the MailChimp integration on and that also isn’t any use as the only trigger is “when email address added” which wouldn’t work with our automation flow (in from gravity forms on our website etc) - plus there doesn’t seem to be a way to integrate with Google Groups.

Hey @jjay.lewin :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to the community forums and allowing the forum members to help here. It does sound like you’re quite in a pickle at this point and I’m really sorry that you weren’t able to set up the exact workflow you would envision working well for you using the options currently provided in our Zapier integration.

I can also definitely understand how getting some help with setting this up has been challenging, with the rerouting from Zapier’s Support team to ours, and from ours to the community forum. Thanks for sticking with us throughout the journey here and I’m hoping we will be able to provide the options you are looking for.

Is there any chance you could provide some screenshots of the way your Zapier is currently set up, as well as what you’d ideally like to see as options? Transparently some of those might not be available at the time with Zapier just et, but I would be glad to pass those on as feedback to the team.

I do want to help you achieve the exact workflow you are looking for here. Perhaps it might make sense for you to check out Integromat as a different No-Code tool? Some users and clients prefer the options and interface that Integromat provides, and it seems like there are modules to integrate with both MailChimp and Google Groups there:

What do you think? I’d be glad to continue assisting you with this if you have any kind of questions, and I’m sure our community experts would have some valuable pointers to chime in with as well :slight_smile:


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That does sound frustrating @jjay.lewin! I also have the same frustration with Zapier, although fortunately haven’t spent as much time as you trying to set it up. Integromat is much more functional at this stage, but is more dominated to setup (in my opinion). Good luck!

You can get around this using Slack. I wrote a post detailing how to do it here.

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@AlexSavchuk and @TheOtherPM Thank-you for your responses.

Integromat is not an option right now. We use Zapier across many areas of our organisation and as a small charity there is no way I would get the okay to spend that much time moving from one platform to another right now - or to be paying for two separate automation software platforms.

So the trigger is set to “Specific column value change on board” - and then for a “Status” column.

As you can see - the only information passes through is the name of the “pulse”/Item and the details about the status change - but nothing from any of the other columns, making it effectively useless. One of the primary selling points of is that it can “replaces spreadsheets” and act as a task tracking/project management software, and a CRM, and a stock inventory if needed. Not sure how that’s possible if it doesn’t pass any other details in a situation like this…

The minimum info I need to be passed out of to Zapier is the name (ideally first name and last name as separate columns) and email address - if everything was perfect it would also be details like phone number, country, and a few other things.

@Patrick thankyou for taking the time to suggest a loop-hole workaround, unfortunately, as the issue is the lack of info passes out to Zapier your suggestion won’t work as I am trying to add people into a maillist not take them out.

Thanks for your support on this,

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@jjay.lewin you choose the columns you want passsed out of monday in the Slack integration.


Thank you for circling back here and providing more detail about your use case, as well as what you’d like to achieve! I’ve looked into how this works on Zapier and wasn’t able to come up with something better just yet, but I’ll do my best to look into this and get back to you with more suggestions as soon as I can.

At this point, my best hunch is going the Webhook route by using the Webhook Integration on, and then combining that with Webhooks on Zapier:

Transparently, I haven’t set up something like this yet myself, but it seems like you’d be able to work around this using this approach.

What do you think?

@TheOtherPM and @Patrick thanks for chiming in with some helpful pointers as well, I appreciate it!


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I seem to be missing something here - yes I can choose as many columns as I want to be passed into Slack, however, they are posted together in one message. Which means that when Zapier reads the message it has no way to distinguish which part of the message is the email address and which part is the first-name, last-name etc

Any further advice?

Hi @AlexSavchuk thanks for staying on this with me.

This does look like something that could work, and, unless I’m missing something - I am running into the same issue.

The info contained within the webhook that sends out only contains the name of the Item, and details pertaining to the Status change - there is no option to choose what other info I want to include in the webhook… Such as, an email address or the columns that show the first-name and last-name as individual pieces of information.

I don’t understand why would allow me to send whatever combination of data I like from to Slack as a message - but not send that data to Zapier or just as a Webhook.

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Hi @jjay.lewin, If you can manage to get the info out of Monday—like using the Slack workaround—then you can add a Formatter step in Zapier that parses out the info you want from the lump of text. Add Zapier Formatter, then the Text option. Then it gives you options such as find matching text or pattern, find email, find phone number, etc., and lets you break them out as separate fields. Then in the next step of the Zap you can refer to the Formatter step(s) to grab the info you want. (There are other options in the Formatter besides text alterations, you might want to investigate to see if they apply better; or just for future reference. You can also add multiple Formatter steps if you need to.)

I agree that this is a maddening shortcoming in the Monday integrations with Zapier, I run up against it constantly.

Another workaround might be using the Email Parser trigger, another Zapier utility you can add to Zaps. Search for it and select it, and it’ll tell you how to set up a Zapier email box to receive the emails for it. Basically, make yourself a template email of the info you want to be sending across—First Name, Last Name, email addy, etc. (You can automate sending it from Monday with an email integration on the board.) This email will go to the Zapier email box. You’ll need to send a sample one to set up the parser on the Zap side. In the Zap, in the Email Parser trigger step, you’ll pull up this sample email and you can select specific bits to designate as data fields (thus the template, to be sure the email is the same format every time). It can then pull out those strings every time an email comes in. Which you can then use to finish your Zap, now that you’ve managed to get the data!


I use Integromat at times because of this issue (getting the data). Whatever the trigger, you can then tell Integromat straight out “now get that item and all it’s data.” It’s fabulous. Depending how much you’ll be passing through it, it has pretty generous free level usage—up to 1,000 operations per month, 100MB of data transfer. For scenarios that have to run on their own, there’s a 15 minute minimum interval at the free level—that’s how often Integromat will query for changes—but webhooks trigger the scenario instantly since they’re sending the info in.


@graceg thankyou for this extra info! This means that the suggestion by @Patrick is now workable! Thankyou.

Still seems totally crazy to me that won’t let me choose which columns-data can/will be passed out to Zapier directly or through a webhook. Major shortcoming and still seems pretty out of sync with the marketing…

Anyway, thanks for supporting me in finding a workaround for now!


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Hey @graceg, thanks so much for chiming in here, providing an awesome solution and useful pointers in the thread and moreover, sharing your experience as feedback! That’s a super impactful introduction to the community :slight_smile: My warmest welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

To be transparent with you, this definitely seems a little bit off to me as well. I’ve reached out to the team and showcased this thread as an example of the experience this limitation provides to our users. While I can’t promise even a rough timeline just yet, I’ll make sure to use your feedback in this thread as a way to nudge our development team to prioritize some Zapier improvements on their end.

Thanks so much for sharing here and I’m glad you were able to get to a place this can work for you, @jjay.lewin. :slight_smile:



Okay - cool. Thanks for passing it on like that. I appreciate it.

Glad I could help, @jjay.lewin. :slight_smile:

Hi @AlexSavchuk , glad I finally had a solution to offer instead of just questions! :grin: I use Zapier quite a bit with Monday, both to integrate with other apps and to pass info around in Monday across boards. In a dream world, any Monday trigger would pass/pull all the data on the item so that it could be used for later steps. Jake is right that simply getting the data that a status changed is not so useful without information about the triggering item.

In that same dream world, there would also be a couple specific actions like “get item” (and its data, of course) and “get board.” And the biggest dream: one for “search for item,” that let you specify the column to search (and what to search for: mapped data from prior step, a specified string, etc.), so you could have it dynamically search based on info passed in by earlier steps. That would be AWESOME! (I guess that could be the same action as “get item,” just having the flexibility of telling it how to search, as I described, would be the main thing. Same with getting a board—right now you must always specify the exact board in an action, there’s no way to find a board based on a variable.)


Btw, @Patrick—thanks for that Slack workaround, it will definitely come in handy! :grin:


Sorry for the numerous edits to my posts, I was clarifying some of the steps I described (in my 4am stream-of-consciousness) for people who might want to try these solutions.



Thanks so much for sharing what you’d love to see as part of the Zapier integration. That will definitely help me in discussions with the team when we try and prioritize certain Zapier updates over others - I appreciate your feedback as a user “in the field” :slight_smile:

Also, making some stream of consciousness edits about Zapier workarounds on the community forum - that sounds incredible :smile: Thanks so much for finding the time and energy to help other users achieve their needs, I really appreciate it.


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In-case anyone else comes looking at a way to resolve this issue and tries out what @Patrick and @graceg were suggesting - remember that if you include SPACES in the message sent to Slack from that these will be included in the separated text (either side of the chosen separator character) once brought into Zapier. This means email addresses will not be able to be sent to email address fields on other platforms. So, remember to send from with NO SPACES (just use your chosen separator character between each sent field).

@AlexSavchuk to expand on the issues put here - it looks like doesn’t even send acress the correct info relating to status changes. As you can see from the attached images it is showing in Zapier that the “Status Text” is “Stuck”, even though on it is “Accepted”…