Monday Integration With Google Sheets Through Zapier

Okay, wow… I have spent about three hours researching, testing, trying and absolutely no luck at all!

I am looking at utilising as a one stop solution for client projects, as well as a CRM/Lead management system.

Most of my leads will in turn come through two main sources;

  • Google Sheets
  • Facebook Ad Lead Form

Now, I use Zapier (I have looked into Integromat, and it confuses me a Lot. I cannot even create a link without issue there, so let’s try stay on Zapier haha!).

I have the Google Sheets setup all fine, and I have my board setup for the CRM where each new ‘item’ is a lead with details such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Tag and status. On Zapier, I have tried everything from the normal google sheet population to column ID, column ID where Json values are applied with Google Sheet values or anything.

The best I can get is the Zapier will work, but will not do anything for new leads that come into the system.

I am absolutely lost, and cannot get new leads from Google Sheets automatically into

Update; I can get the integration working now, but using JSON, all of the details are prefilled with the details listed in the column value information regardless of new lead information. I need to find a way to have each new lead, all with new unique details to be added in.

Hi @jaradjf !

Not sure if it’s relevant here, but I think zappier is a bit of an overkill here.
I’ve created a little integration tool between and Google Sheets.

Just login using your Monday account, create a new CSV URL, and simply paste it in your Google sheet. It’ll link the board to your sheet and pull all relevant data directly from the board.

Here’s an example of a link in the app, note that you just need to copy and paste the function into the first cell of your spreadsheet: