Monday Integration With Google Sheets Through Zapier

Okay, wow… I have spent about three hours researching, testing, trying and absolutely no luck at all!

I am looking at utilising as a one stop solution for client projects, as well as a CRM/Lead management system.

Most of my leads will in turn come through two main sources;

  • Google Sheets
  • Facebook Ad Lead Form

Now, I use Zapier (I have looked into Integromat, and it confuses me a Lot. I cannot even create a link without issue there, so let’s try stay on Zapier haha!).

I have the Google Sheets setup all fine, and I have my board setup for the CRM where each new ‘item’ is a lead with details such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Tag and status. On Zapier, I have tried everything from the normal google sheet population to column ID, column ID where Json values are applied with Google Sheet values or anything.

The best I can get is the Zapier will work, but will not do anything for new leads that come into the system.

I am absolutely lost, and cannot get new leads from Google Sheets automatically into

Update; I can get the integration working now, but using JSON, all of the details are prefilled with the details listed in the column value information regardless of new lead information. I need to find a way to have each new lead, all with new unique details to be added in.